The North Dakota Board of Podiatric Medicine is the state agency entrusted with the responsibility of licensing podiatric physicians and regulating podiatric medicine in North Dakota. This goal is accomplished by means of a fair, aggressive and comprehensive testing, licensing and enforcement program that guarantees that only qualified professionals are granted licensure and can practice podiatric medicine in North Dakota. We are a small state agency composed of a six-member Board. Four members of the board must hold doctor of podiatric medicine degrees and must have practiced podiatric medicine in this state for at least two years before their appointment, one member must be a doctor of medicine who holds a doctor of medicine degree and has practiced in this state for at least two years before the appointment, and one member, who is designated as a public member, must be a resident of this state, be at least twenty-one years of age, and may not be affiliated with any group or profession that provides or regulates health care in any form. Each of the Board members are appointed to the Board by the Governor of North Dakota, for a term of four years.

We affirm that regulation is a public and private trust. We strive to regulate aggressively but fairly, minimally but effectively. Consumers, professionals and the public alike can be assured of a balanced and sensible approach to regulation; an approach that demands the highest standards of professional conduct and personal ethics, an approach that ensures equal opportunity for all employees and licensees, balances the rightful concern of society with the rights of individuals, and is open, honest, accountable, responsive and mindful of the efficient use of licensee fees.

We ensure that our licensees maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and expertise, so that consumers receive the best possible medical care at the best possible price, and so that podiatric physicians can be assured among themselves that they are members of a community of health care providers respected and trusted by the citizens of North Dakota. Our philosophy focuses on promulgating clear and comprehensive rules that can be understood and followed without ambiguity by our licensees, and on the vigorous enforcement of our Rules as defined in the Century Code.

All podiatrists in the state are required to renew their licenses annually. NDBPME renewal of licensure indicates that the podiatrist has completed a process that requires participation in 20 hours of continuing education related to podiatry from an accredited provider/s.