Anyone may file a complaint against a podiatrist if they believe the practitioner has violated the state’s medical practice laws.  The grounds for discipline for podiatrists found at North Dakota Century Code 43-05-16.

The complaint must be in writing and submitted to the ND Board of Podiatric Medicine.  The complaint may be submitted by completing and printing the complaint form below, or you may submit your own written letter.   If you submit your own letter or complete the form online, you will need to sign and mail it to the:

North Dakota Board of Podiatric Medicine
4309 Kodiak Place
Bismarck, ND 58503

The Board will investigate the complaint to determine if the podiatrist violated any of the grounds for discipline.  The complaint and investigation is confidential unless formal action is taken as a result of a complaint, then it becomes a matter of public record.

The Board’s jurisdiction extends only to a licensed practitioner, and only to the practitioner’s license and practice.  If the Board concludes that action should be taken against the license of a practitioner, it may, among other things, revoke or suspend a license, place restrictions or limitations on the scope of practice, institute probation, or issue a reprimand or censure a podiatrist to ensure a practitioner practices safely and competently.

Grounds for Disciplinary Action

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